Webinar: Bringing Clinical Trial Access to Underserved Populations in a Community Setting
May 23, 2023

Clinical trials are an important healthcare option, presenting benefits to patients, physicians and the broader community. Yet, relatively low enrollment rates have continued to be a bottleneck for clinical trials. In traditional research settings, about four percent of the US population has participated in a trial, of which only six percent represent Black and Latinx populations, even though those groups make up nearly 30 percent of the US population. Innovative and scalable solutions that are industry compliant are needed to make equity a reality, thus bringing clinical trial access to underserved populations.

This webinar provides an opportunity to discover a model that provides clinical trial access to previously under-represented and underserved populations while removing barriers and unlocking doors to innovation. Imagine a trial that adjusts to patients’ schedules, travel capabilities and daily life obligations.

Hear from featured speakers from PPD and EmVenio Research as they lead a discussion of how localization — learning and adapting to a community’s local language, culture and traditions — has and can increase trial awareness, and clinical trial access to patients everywhere, making equity a reality, leading to an improved patient experience.

Click the link below to hear the recorded discussion on increasing study enrollment, enabling greater diversity and thinking differently about engaging underserved populations.