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Mobile Solutions:

To improve clinical trials and accelerate the advancement of promising treatments, there is a need to provide improved patient access options and patient diversity.  EmVenio’s mobile sites offer that possibility by providing more convenient access options for participants in the communities where they live and work.  With sites more conveniently located to patients, travel, schedule, and daily life challenges are minimized resulting in improved willingness to participate and remain on studies.  EmVenio works with our partners and communities to identify optimized locations to activate our state-of-the-art Mobile Community Research Sites, providing convenient access, increasing geographic reach and patient diversity:

  • Provide convenient trial access solutions wherever trials are needed as a care option and across broad geographies
  • Support a full range of protocol procedures, from standard to more complex
  • Bring clinical trials into hard-to-reach communities and to underrepresented patient populations
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Industry Leading PI Network

A PI network is a group of individuals (at EmVenio, they are licensed physicians), each with the education, training and experience to safely, compliantly and effectively lead a clinical trials team in conducting research. At EmVenio, these are critical employees who are licensed and practice in the specific geographies where clinical trials are conducted so that they can conduct or oversee the activities of the clinical trial.

What is the benefit of a PI network?
There are numerous benefits to having an engaged PI network.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Broad therapeutic area (TA) coverage
  • Sharing of best practices
  • An environment to challenge and educate across geographies
  • Enabling the education and development of newer sub-investigators (sub-I’s) who can eventually become PIs
  • Improving access to clinical trials in underserved communities
  • Increasing diversity in clinical trial PIs as well as in sub-Is and participants

Safety and Security Highlights

  • Shore power and generator support: 24/7 backup supported by two generators
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring: Automatic notification with temperatures are out of range
  • Sharps containers and biohazard waste are managed and disposed of per EmVenio SOPs
  • HEPA filtration throughout the mobile site and in each exam room
  • Site location will provide sufficient physical security to allow it to say on-site full-time

EmVenio’s Localized Approach

Expands the Reach of Clinical Trials

EmVenio has an in-house team of clinicians and virtual Principal Investigators that allow us to reach a broad geographical area and recruit diverse communities.

<55 Community Research Sites Activated 

Improves the Trial Participant Experience

EmVenio has a patient-centric approach, meeting participants where they live and work to improve participant compliance, retention, and experience.

>92% Retention Rate


Helps Partners Meet Trial Goals

EmVenio offers flexible and hybrid solutions that can be designed based on protocol design, indication, patient need and community demographic.  EmVenio works with our partners a the study planning phase to consider and decide the appropriate mix of services: Mobile Sites, At Home and Virtual Visit that will have the most positive study impact.  Not all studies are the same and they require unique solutions.   

Provides Expert Clinical Teams

EmVenio clinicians have a full spectrum of licensure levels, allowing us to expand access, accelerate timing of study completion, deliver high-quality data metrics, and improve trial participant experiences. Clinical teams can include, NP, RN, LPN, Phlebotomist, MD, etc.

Ensures Quality and Compliance

EmVenio’s safety protocols are based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and stringent sanitizing processes designed with safety as our top priority.

Provides Robust Personnel Training

Developed by the EmVenio Clinical Trials Quality Department, our robust training curriculum is designed to help research professionals at all levels to better serve participants and clients, focusing on key competencies including: Scientific Concepts and Research Design, Data Management and Informatics, Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations and much more.