in Clinical Trials

Low Access To Clinical Research

Access to clinical research is a challenge for patients in underserved communities. Statistics continue to show that underrepresentation and disparity for minority populations in clinical trials.

Limited Access to Trials

  • Lack of Awareness
  • Location / Geography
  • Site Accessibility
  • Trial Inclusion Criteria
  • Educational Barriers

Empowering Access

EmVenio delivers a program specifically designed to EmPower patients with access to local clinical research opportunities. Our ability to provide mobile trial sites in convenient areas removes common barriers for patients. Bringing innovation to the doorstep of patients in underserved communities is the foundation of this industry-leading initiative.

  • Localized Community Trial Sites
  • Inclusive Trial Design
  • Community Staffed Teams
  • Easy Site Accessibility
  • Educational Programs
  • Access to Clinical Trials and Better Care
  • Health & Wellness Opportunities
  • New Therapies and Technologies
  • Community Improvement Efforts
  • Patient Assistance Programs