Research Partners

Patient access to clinical trial opportunities remains a significant challenge. Clinical trials require extensive resources and well-defined patient pathways. Engaging underserved communities is an important objective, but often requires core competencies outside of the normal scope of traditional research sites.


Eligible trial participants live +2 hours from PI sites


Active sites fail to enroll a single patient participant


Enrolled trial participants drop out of late-stage trials

Clinical Trial Challenges

  • Limited Mobility
  • Limited Geography
  • Community Engagement
  • Limited Staff
  • Core Competencies

Moving Forward

EmVenio offers collaborative solutions for research partners. Clinical trial research requires the ability to navigate complex dynamics that can sometimes become barriers. Our customized community research sites and mobile fleet allows us to work with partners to maximize clinical trial success. We give you the confidence to EmBark on next-level research objectives. Let’s partner today!

  • Localized Community Trial Sites
  • Mobile Fleet Operations
  • Comprehensive Trial Teams
  • Easy Site Accessibility
  • Collaborative Expansion Program
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  • Comprehensive Clinical Trial Ecosystem
  • Expand Patient Reach
  • Collaborative Global Network
  • Diverse Community-Based Populations
  • Expanded Service Footprint