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Flexible Solutions Designed to Drive Better Trial Outcomes

Home Visits:

EmVenio is now a PCM Trials Company, with the most patient-centric clinical trial model available for hybrid and decentralized clinical trials internationally. We are the largest independent (non CRO embedded) and most experienced provider of local clinical trial access globally. 


As a PCM Trials company, we employ a large team of experienced Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) who can travel directly to your trial participants, wherever they may be—at home, work, school, care center, vacation, anywhere. PCM can adapt with your study design.

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Our Approach

Accelerated Recruitment – The convenience of in-home trials naturally attracts more participants. Plus, you can expand your trial’s geographic reach, and recruit more elderly, disabled, pediatric, homebound and rare disease participants.

Improved Protocol Compliance and Data Quality – With in-home visits, you improve protocol compliance by reducing dropouts. You can also reduce the number of participants you need, which leads to higher-quality data.

Enhanced Retention – The convenience of the direct-to-patient service alleviates stress and “visit fatigue.” Not only will you enroll more participants, you will retain them, too.

Trials Finish on Time – Accelerated recruitment, enhanced retention and improved protocol compliance minimize the risk of costly delays to your trial.

Direct-to-patient visits is ideally initiated during protocol development. However, as necessary, it can be bolted on as a rescue strategy. CMRNs align with investigators and site coordinators to deliver in-window and protocol-compliant visits. These on-time visits can occur 24/7 every day of the year, globally. With our experience, foresight, and unwavering commitment, we’re moving the needle on clinical research… and setting success in motion. Contact us today to consult with one of our home visit experts.

Experience Matters:

Why Choose PCM Trials for your Mobile Visit needs: 

  • Mobile visits accelerate enrollment, improve retention, and support protocol compliance   
  • Certified Mobile Research Nurses are GCP trained and have acute care experience  
  • Accurate, secure collection of data with eSource data capture 
  • Client dashboard provides oversight and insight into study progression 
  • Strong commitment to site relations and robust collaboration with stakeholders 
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    Virtual Visits

    Flexible Solutions Designed to Drive Better Trial Outcomes

    Our comprehensive trial team is agile and can provide virtual solutions to maintain continuity in the research process. We understand the complexities and realities of navigating last minute changes. Our local team is ready to provide the service you need in the most convenient manner.