Engaging Patients Where They Are

Lack of awareness and convenient access are the most frequent reasons why people don’t take part in clinical trials. (Lack of awareness of both the trial itself and the benefits of having trials in the first place.) Reaching out to patients where they are is the most effective means of providing information about trials and potential new treatments. Additionally, providing more convenient participation options that alleviate travel logistics and everyday life disruptions allows patients to further consider clinical research as an option. Helping EmPower patients to make their own decisions for improving the long-term health of their community.

Bringing Awareness of and Access to Clinical Research into the Community

Our unique approach of locating Community Research Sites in traditionally underserved areas enables us to reach patients who might otherwise be ignored.

When combined with an extensive range of patient engagement activities, you can be sure we’ll fill your study with the right patients – who fit the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria – in double quick time.

As experts in our core service of operating clinical trials and engaging with local communities, we also partner with a range of trusted patient engagement specialists to customize exactly the right approach for your study — based on elements such as the demographics of the patient population and therapy area of the investigational treatment.


Case Study

Learn how EmVenio’s community engagement efforts led to reduced participant dropout rates

Community Location
Situating the Community Research Sites at the heart of local communities enables us to reach people where they are.
Community Outreach
Engaging with organizations and community leaders within the local area helps to break down barriers and establish trust among the people we wish to take part in the trial.
Digital Outreach
To support the ‘on the ground’ efforts, we’ll manage a digital outreach campaign that targets relevant people in their favorite digital platforms – Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest etc. This will include developing a trial-specific webpage (or microsite) that encourages people to apply.
Patient Databases
Utilizing existing patient data to identify and reach out to potential trial participants in the area that match the relevant Inclusion/Exclusion criteria.
HCP and Lab Data Outreach
Contacting doctors with relevant patients and utilizing lab test data to identify and contact patients who match the profile of a trial participant.
Traditional Media & PR

Utilizing traditional media – such as press, radio, TV ads – and opportunities for local publicity – e.g. interviews in local publications or on local radio shows or podcasts. (Also targeting condition-specific podcasts for greater awareness of the trial.)

Human Interaction Follow-ups
A human being will follow-up with every trial applicant through a method of their choice – phone call, text message, email etc.
Pre-screening Process
To deliver enthusiastic potential trial participants, who we know to be aligned with the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria, for on-site screening at the community research sites.
Ongoing Engagement
Keeping in touch with trial participants to aid with patient retention on the trial (ordinarily the second biggest problem behind patient recruitment.) Also keeping in touch with trial applicants who don’t make it all the way through the process to encourage them to return and complete their application and pre-screening.