EmVenio Research’s May 2024 Community Engagement Highlights
May 31, 2024

Our collaboration with local organizations creates opportunity to address critical health issues and topics through the lens of clinical research, promoting wellness, and bringing value to the communities we serve. The well-being of our communities remains at the forefront. Together, we strive towards creating a healthier and more interconnected society, to improve access to the care and support they deserve.


Our Oklahoma team had the incredible opportunity to participate in Diabetes Day at the Capitol. It was a day filled with valuable connections and insightful conversations, including a special moment speaking with Senator Hicks, who leads the Diabetes Caucus. It was an honor to discuss prominent issues surrounding diabetes management and advocacy with leaders in the community.


 In Alabama our team conducted health screenings at the Pathways Women’s Shelter. Screenings include a memory exam, eye exam, and blood draw to evaluate liver, and kidney functions and overall blood health. Building relationships through health education never loses its value. As attendees entered our mobile clinic, our clinicians offered full support, learning just as much from the local residents as they were sharing.

The Alabama team also conducted onsite health screenings at Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM), an organization that prepares and equips people currently unemployed to obtain skills allowing them to both maintain and excel at employment. HIM partners with organizations within the community  to implement their program and benefit their students. EmVenio is honored to be a part of the HIM mission.

Katelynn Spingola, Deric Breedlove, and Katherine Rinehart at the HIM health screenings.

EmVenio also participated in the First Annual APOL1-Medicated Kidney Disease (AMKD) Awareness Day, aimed to raise awareness of APOL1 kidney disease, a genetic form of kidney disease that predominantly impacts people of African descent. The local Birmingham event brought the community together for learning, sharing, and supporting one another. Our Community Research Site and staff were on hand to offer refreshments and resources, as well as educate attendees on the broader field of clinical research, our health screening option, and provide tours to introduce the site.


At the East Valley 24th Annual Health and Wellness Expo, our Community Engagement and site team actively engaged with attendees and experts, exploring the latest advancements in health research and emphasizing the importance of proactive health measures.

Ashlee Foster and Mario Montano at the Health and Wellness Expo.


EmVenio participated in Chicago’s First Annual APOL1-Medicated Kidney Disease (AMKD) Awareness Day. Similar to the Birmingham event, our team engaged with attendees, sharing valuable insights and information about the impact of APOL1-mediated kidney disease on individuals and communities. The event underscores our commitment to health education and empowering those affected by this condition.

Antwonette Burton and Alysha Hart at the AMKD Awareness Day Event.

During the Run for Health in Chicago, our team showcased their dedication to promoting community wellness by providing essential health screenings. As attendees eagerly participated in the event, we offered valuable insights and support, emphasizing the importance of proactive health measures. Our presence added a layer of expertise and compassion to the event, leaving a lasting impact on all those who took advantage of our expertise. This event provided a platform for the Chicago team to engage with the community and empower individuals through health education and advocacy.

Antwonette Burton and Alysha Hart at the Run for Health event.

 EmVenio understands that solutions to large problems are best solved with contributions from varied perspectives. Health access and equity is unbalanced so we are dedicated to improving conversations to understand and meet people’s needs while sharing our passion to improve invitation and representation in clinical research. Through our commitment to offering easily accessible health initiatives and resources to our local communities, we are actively shaping a path towards significant and impactful outcomes. We thank our partners, as they have opened doors to opportunities to cultivate meaningful connections. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our communities, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.