February 2024 Community Engagement
March 26, 2024

Over the past few months, EmVenio has led a series of impactful events in Alabama, Illinois, and Florida, to boost community well-being. These local connections raise awareness about the importance of clinical research and offer local residents the opportunity to prioritize their health through complimentary health screenings administered by our skilled clinicians.  


EmVenio coordinated with the Shades Mountain Adults Plus Ministry Health Fair on February 22nd providing a valuable opportunity for both Shades members and others to engage with various health care-related businesses. With over 30 exhibitors present, EmVenio showcased our Free Health Screenings which includes a memory exam, eye exam, and blood draw to evaluate, liver and kidney functions and overall blood health. We forged new connections with community leaders who expressed interest in hosting us for future events. 


During the Winter Wellness Workshops on February 24th, EmVenio’s team made a memorable appearance. This thoughtfully curated event encompassed a range of health and wellness activities, including workshops, vendors, giveaways, movement classes, vision boarding, and even a refreshing cold plunge experience. Our health screening initiative was well received. Our amazing team networked with various vendors and community influencers, setting the stage for exciting future collaborations. 

In February our Community team joined Foxglove Alliance for an innovation brainstorming session with key contributors from HC3, Illinois Free Clinics, and others to share insights and actions to bring like passioned organizations together to push forward growth initiatives, health equity and access, workforce solutions, and resource awareness.  


Throughout January and February, EmVenio actively participated in numerous Food Pantry events. Our team distributed essential bags of food while educating about clinical research in general and our Health screening option. 

On March 13, Emvenio conducted on-site screenings at Starlight Ranch Retirement Community. Our dedicated team set up a screening station onsite at the community center and successfully completed 10 screenings. The positive response was overwhelming, with residents already requesting our return in the future.  

We are fueling a healthier future, one event at a time. The ability to foster community well-being through accessible healthcare initiatives brings us great joy and desire to keep the momentum going. We invite our partners to join us in empowering people to prioritize their health and wellness and learn how to make a difference in the future of treatment, through clinical research. EmVenio remains dedicated to driving positive change and making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.