PCM Trials Acquires EmVenio Research to Create the Most Patient-Centric Model for Hybrid and Decentralized Clinical Trials
February 23, 2024

EmVenio’s Community Research Site Network helps remove barriers for participation in clinical research for underrepresented communities

Denver (February 23, 2024) – Denver-based PCM Trials, the largest independent mobile research nurse visit provider for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), today announced the acquisition of EmVenio Research based in Durham, North Carolina. EmVenio is the largest provider of community-based clinical trial sites served with mobile research units. The acquisition, which is effective immediately, strengthens PCM Trials’ and EmVenio’s abilities to recruit and retain diverse populations for clinical research studies, as required for regulatory approval. Site networks are key to delivering critical study data for sponsors; by combining capabilities with EmVenio, PCM Trials now has access to a site network that is focused on serving underrepresented patient populations in previously hard-to-reach communities and can work flexibly with sponsors to achieve their study goals.

“The acquisition of EmVenio is an important part of our company’s overall strategy to further remove barriers for patients of all backgrounds and ethnicities to participate in clinical research, creating the most patient-centric clinical trial model,” said Greg Austin, President of PCM Trials. “Our pioneering approach to using Certified Mobile Research Nurses who visit patients in their homes has already been shown to improve both patient retention and diversity in clinical trials and drive faster study completion. Now, with the addition of EmVenio’s mobile research site network, we have the unmatched ability to provide additional convenience for prospective participants, empowering community-based clinical trial access.”

For years, regulatory bodies including the FDA have expressed concerns about the underrepresentation of minorities in clinical trials and have increased population diversity requirements for clinical research before approving new drugs. African Americans, for example, which make up 13.4% of the U.S. population only account for roughly 5% of trial participation, according to FDA data.  The disparity for Hispanics and people of Latin origin is even greater, with Hispanics representing 18.1% of the U.S. population but only 1% of clinical trial participants. Merging the capabilities of PCM Trials and EmVenio creates a unique and powerful recruitment and visit model in underrepresented communities that effectively addresses and overcomes these challenges.

EmVenio has contracted 25 studies across numerous therapeutic areas. The company has activated 63 mobile sites for studies across 22+ US states and 10 locations in the United Kingdom, thus garnering a wide demographic reach of diverse patients. EmVenio’s sites are seeing greater than 50% diverse patients across all locations compared with the industry average of less than 20%. With an impressive 96.9% retention rate, EmVenio is setting a new standard in the field.

“We are thrilled to announce the culmination of EmVenio’s and PCM Trials’ efforts in creating the most comprehensive global capability for patient visits, spanning from traditional site settings to the comfort of one’s home, and everywhere in between through mobile sites.” said Thad Wolfram, President of EmVenio. “Our combined services prioritize minimizing burdens for research participation while enhancing the overall participant experience.”

“It just makes sense that, if you can make it easier for patients to participate, you are also going to improve your recruitment and retention rates,” said Austin. “Many patients, especially those in underserved rural areas, travel two or more hours to get to a clinical site. This creates a tremendous burden for them, especially considering that many of them are sick or immobile or lack reliable childcare. By bringing into their homes a trained nurse who is often from the same neighborhood or a fully equipped mobile research unit into their neighborhood, you effectively eliminate many of the barriers that could have kept them from participating.”

This is the second acquisition completed by PCM Trials within the past month. On January 10, the company announced the acquisition of Netherlands-based Clinical Trial Service (CTS), which solidified PCM Trials’ ability and reach to successfully conduct global clinical trials.

“With these acquisitions, we are now the largest and most experienced clinical research local access provider on a global scale,” said Austin.

For more information about PCM Trials or to initiate an RFP for an upcoming trial, email info@pcmtrials.com.

About PCM Trials

PCM Trials is leading the global shift toward decentralized clinical trials by bringing clinical research to patients, wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them.  PCM Trials directly recruits, trains, certifies, and manages Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) to ensure that each visit meets the highest standards for data quality and patient experience. By reducing the barriers to participation, PCM Trials’ mobile nurses support study recruitment, retention, adherence, and diversity. PCM Trials is an independent company headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a European regional office located in the Netherlands, and has conducted mobile research visits since 2008.

About EmVenio Research

EmVenio Research provides rapid and scalable mobile community research site solutions to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved and high-risk communities. EmVenio Research’s global network of skilled clinicians, principal investigators and state-of-the-art mobile community research sites enable them to provide robust clinical research services via home visits, on-site support at medical facilities, virtual visits and mobile sites. Visit emvenio.com to learn more.


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