EmVenio and Inclusive join forces to streamline community engagement and research site solutions
September 19, 2023

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Research Grid’s Inclusive to support community engagement across the United States and the United Kingdom. EmVenio is using Inclusive, a pioneering community engagement software and vital technology that supports rapid and scalable relationship strategy management, for its network of mobile Community Research Sites. This partnership will involve adopting Inclusive as the custom technology infrastructure to scale capabilities in managing clinical research projects and reaching diverse, underserved and high-risk communities.

Inclusive specializes in first-of-its-kind, seamless and innovative automation technology that streamlines and accelerates end-to-end participant, project and data management in community engagement. EmVenio Research has established itself as a trailblazer in the field of Community Research Site solutions, particularly for diverse communities. The mission of this collaboration is to eliminate key administrative bottlenecks, expand network resources, manage key partners, streamline training, and integrate top-tier diversity, equity and inclusivity practices. The ethos of both companies’ collaborative approach and dedication to diversity, both internally within teams and externally with clients, promotes continued progress toward equal access to novel medical interventions and clinical research opportunities. 

By joining forces, EmVenio Research and Inclusive will leverage their expertise to empower and enhance outreach efforts by engaging a broader spectrum of participants globally. This will be achieved through the utilization of state-of-the-art, proprietary technology and the implementation of  high-quality community engagement initiatives.

“We have found a partner in Research Grid’s Inclusive platform that simply understands us. There is an intimate level of knowledge that can only be derived from experience. Building relationships in clinical research across multiple communities, cultures and demographics is complex and requires flexibility. Inclusive considers each variable, carefully simplifying the process that gives our community building toolbox depth and heart. I’m excited about the reach it lends to inviting more communities to consider clinical research.”

Niambi Blodgett, Director, Global Patient Engagement, EmVenio Research

We are excited to embark on this game-changing collaboration to create a more equitable health landscape for public communities and the medical research industry. Our goal is to advance clinical research and improve healthcare outcomes for everyone, globally.

“I absolutely love what EmVenio Research stands for and is enabling within clinical trials. We are committed to being their chosen technology partner over the years to come and look forward to our growth together globally, even beyond the United States and the United Kingdom. Technology opens access and inclusion in many ways, but it is necessary to amplify it via the groundwork of building relationships in all communities. This partnership is a perfect marriage of ideals and values, and I believe it will serve as a foundation for progressive action in clinical trials that the FDA diversity mandate and HRA and MHRA initiatives all call for – access for everyone.”

Amber Hill, CEO, Research Grid

About Inclusive: Inclusive is a first-of-its-kind, smart global community engagement technology, committed to the end-to-end management and advancement of accessibility in healthcare and research initiatives. It allows our clients to eliminate key administrative bottlenecks, expand network resources with access to over 70 thousand community groups worldwide. It also supports the management of participation, project and data for key partners, and integrates top-tier diversity, equity, and inclusivity practices. Learn more at inclusive.health