EmVenio Research and Socially Determined partner to optimize recruitment, retention and representation in clinical trials    
May 17, 2023

Durham, NC – May 17, 2023 –       EmVenio Research, a company providing rapid and scalable mobile research sites in order to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved and high-risk communities, has partnered with Socially Determined, a social risk analytics and data company that empowers health care and life sciences organizations to improve outcomes and advance health equity at scale.

Access to clinical trials remains a challenge for patients in underserved communities. Through this partnership, Socially Determined will provide curated, de-identified and linkable community-level social risk data across seven domains – The Economic Climate, Food Landscape, Housing Environment, Transportation Network, Digital Landscape and Social Support – through its SocialScape® platform. This capability will empower EmVenio to make informed decisions on where to place its community research sites throughout the U.S. and how to best provide access to clinical research in those communities.

“EmVenio’s partnership with Socially Determined will significantly enhance our ability to effectively engage with each community in its own unique way, as no two communities are alike,” said Thad Wolfram, EmVenio Research president. “Access to their data will help us determine the best match between the communities with the clinical trials we conduct, which will improve patient recruitment and enrollment and enhance research findings for our clients.”

“Research repeatedly shows that removing even one social barrier can exponentially improve patient health access and outcomes,” said Trenor Williams, MD, Socially Determined chief executive officer and co-founder. “Our partnership with EmVenio delivers an analytics-first approach to improving patient recruitment and enrollment in clinical trials while addressing health equity at scale.”

About EmVenio Research

EmVenio Research provides rapid and scalable mobile community research site solutions to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved and high-risk communities. EmVenio Research’s global network of skilled clinicians, principal investigators and state-of-the-art mobile community research sites enable us to provide robust clinical research services via home visits, on-site support at medical facilities, virtual visits and mobile sites. Visit emvenio.com to learn more.

About Socially Determined:
Socially Determined is leading the integration of health and social care through social risk analytics. Its SocialScape® platform, social risk data solutions and industry-leading expertise empower health systems, plans and other risk-bearing organizations to better manage risk, improve outcomes and advance equity – at scale. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Socially Determined has been named as one of the 15 most promising healthcare companies by Fierce Healthcare. For more information, follow Socially Determined on Twitter (@SocDetermined) or LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/socially-determined), or visit www.sociallydetermined.com.      

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