During the month of July, we continued our commitment to being present in the communities we service and collaborate with through a series of events and partnerships across various states. We aim to raise awareness about our groundbreaking research work and foster meaningful connections with local organizations and institutions.

An initial highlight of EmVenio’s activities took place in Illinois, where the local team organized a Lunch and Learn with Pine Crest Health Care. This event provided an opportunity for individuals interested in EmVenio’s research to gather and learn more about the company’s innovative projects, discussing our mission values, and alignments. The Lunch and Learn session featured presentations by our brilliant Nurse Practitioners, Antwonette Burton and Ticonna Purdle.

Nurse Practitioners Antwonette Burton and Ticonna Purdle at the Lunch and Learn session

In Orlando, Florida, our team worked with a local video production team to create a 3D video of their Community Research Site. This immersive experience will allow viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the mobile clinic operated by EmVenio to bring an inside look into our operations for patients and clients alike.

EmVenio also demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by organizing a lunch for church partners in Arkansas. This event specifically focused on raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and fostering partnerships with local community leaders.

In Oklahoma, we became a member of the local chamber of commerce. This membership not only signifies EmVenio’s dedication to being an active participant in the business community but also provides opportunities for collaboration and networking with other businesses in the region and attending community events – far and wide.

EmVenio further expanded its reach by partnering with the Illinois Medical District (IMD). This collaboration was highlighted through a speaking engagement by Allyson Hansen, CEO of the IMD, at the Biznow Life Science event where she shared EmVenio’s commitment to fostering strong relationships within the community in Chicago, IL.

Lastly, EmVenio participated in round table discussions organized by the California Chamber of Commerce. We actively engaged with local colleges during these discussions, emphasizing the significance of involving educational institutions in clinical research initiatives.

We continue to share our hearts and passions through various events and partnerships across multiple states. By actively participating in these initiatives, EmVenio raises awareness about clinical research, fosters meaningful connections, and contributes to the advancement of medical studies.